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Anne was introduced to Lynn Osborne from Clarity Care Consulting, specialist care advisers, by a contact she met at a networking event. Lynn and her business partner had been running the business for nearly two years. They were working very long hours; cash flow was tight and they had started to wonder if it was all worth with it. Whilst they had enjoyed some initial success and clients loved what they did they were struggling to get their message heard and find enough high value clients.

The results they are experiencing…

Within just a few weeks they started to see improvements and now:

  • have renewed confidence in the business and have a new found energy to drive them forward
  • have clarity on the steps they need to take and a focussed roadmap for growing the business
  • are building their marketing machine and know how to attract the right type of clients
  • have seen a 21% uplift in business from their newly defined target market
  • have put in place new systems and processes to improve efficiency that are saving both time and money. In turn this is also making it easier to hand over as they get busier.

How we helped them…

Anne worked with the Lynn and her partner showing them how to:

  • research their market and establish the size of the opportunity for their services
  • revamp their business model and service offering to focus on a high value niche market
  • develop financial projections to support their plans
  • create PR and marketing plans to educate their target market on the benefits of their services
  • improve their individual sales and marketing skills
When we first met Anne we were at a crossroads and not sure if we were going to continue with the business as we were only just getting by. The Booster Programme helped us see the opportunities and showed us the steps we needed to take to turn the business up a notch. This gave us the confidence and enthusiasm to carry on. We them moved on to the Fast Track Programme which helped us sharpen our marketing messages and tactics, implement new systems, improve our sales skills and move towards our business targets month on month.

Anne is always there for advice and guidance and is a sounding board for anything and everything that crops up as we make our way to the next level.

Lynn Osborne

Founder, Clarity Care Consulting


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