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Booster Programme

For start-up and early stage consultants and coaches looking for quick results

Ideal for start-up and early-stage consultants, business and executive coaches that have a specific short-term need or limited funds. You can choose one key area of business to work on according to your needs.


Early Stage

Sole Practitioners

This is the right programme for you, if you are:

  • earning less than £10k per month
  • need more clients fast
  • operate in a crowded market place
  • don’t like selling 
  • aren’t getting paid what you are worth and frequently give away free advice
  • aren’t sure if you are doing the right things or heading in the right direction
  • are good at what you do but lack some business skills
  • struggle to market your services
  • spend more time doing client work than growing your business
  • are making the transition from expert employee to a business consultant or coach
  • would like to create an online presence and products


Booster Programme

Fast Track Programme

High Growth Programme

The Booster Programme helped us consider the various options for the business and decide a way forward.

We learnt a lot on our very first session and this has already changed the direction of our business.  We are now much clearer on what we need to do to achieve growth.

Thank you for that.

David Wilsdon

Managing Director, Green Accountancy LLP