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The Bliss Systems team operates from dual locations in Yorkshire and Oxfordshire. The directors, Dan and Dan! already had a comprehensive and well thought through business plan and looked to us to help them implement it. Their key challenges at that time were mainly around; reducing reliance on their own technical expertise, finding quality time to drive the business forward, understanding the best marketing tactics for their business and how to do the marketing.

The results they are experiencing…

The results: Bliss Systems are now enjoying success in a number of key areas, for example, they:

  • have been 3 times more profitable in the past 12 months as a result of having more efficient systems and processes, improved productivity by training and developing the team, and attracting the right type of business.
  • The Management Team regularly spend more time growing the business and has also increased their personal time away from the business.
  • They know how to attract the right type of clients and market their products and services.
  • They have recently been approached by another business to consider a joint venture.

How we helped them…

Our approach: working with Dan and his partner.

  • The first thing we did was analyse how their Time was being spent, this revealed areas that could be delegated or done in a more efficient way, creating more time to focus on business development work. We then developed a 3-year business strategy and short-term plan that provided clarity, direction and a roadmap for achieving their ambitions.
  • We also revisited their Business Model which helped to clarify their value proposition, ideal target market, and potential for re-occurring income through products and support services.
  • A workable 1 Page Marketing Plan helped them see what they needed to do on the marketing front and decide how much they could do themselves or outsource.
Historically, I have been heavily involved in the technical side of what we do and focusing on delivering technical solutions alongside building good customer relationships. This has worked well on a project by project basis and to some extent that is how we’ve grown the business to where we are today. However, we realise the need to make the step up to running a business and this is where we have been unclear on what to do.

It has been challenging as I’ve not felt equipped to make decisions or follow certain directions resulting in a lot of hesitation. Working with Anne prompted me to think about things from a different angle and to answer (as well as ask!) tough questions in a structured way. It really feels like the mist if lifting and things are becoming clearer. There is a way to go but I definitely think that I understand certain areas of the business more and so will be in a position to make informed and sensible decisions about the future.

Through experience and expertise, Anne has that ability to ask challenging and leading questions of your business and has prompted us towards subtly changing a few aspects of how we operate. She has a host of tools for almost every scenario to help identify improvements and increase understanding.

This has seen the “fog clear” on many aspects resulting in tangible benefits to Bliss-Systems. Not only to efficiency but also stress levels and the bottom line!

It is great working with Anne both on business matters and also as someone to just grab a quick coffee (or herbal tea!) and a chat with.

Dan Webb

Managing Director, Bliss Systems


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