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Our Approach to Growth

Results 360 works exclusively with service businesses, that is, businesses that sell their time, knowledge or expertise. We help them find solutions to the problems they face when looking to grow and manage that growth effectively.

Years of working with service businesses have taught us there are three key areas that need to be aligned in order for a business to grow:


Consistently attracting high value, profitable work.


Effective use of resources, time, people and systems.


Engaged, motivated and pulling in the same direction.
We work with early-stage to mature service businesses with teams of up to 250 to accelerate their growth, turning good businesses into great businesses.

Bespoke solutions to the problems service businesses face

We can quickly identify the solutions that will enable your business to grow and be more profitable, and then show you how you can achieve results in the quickest, easiest and most efficient way.

We don’t just set goals – we show our clients how to get results

We have a proven track record of helping our clients to achieve accelerated growth and to successfully manage that growth. Our clients not only gain the benefit of our collective experience but also have the advantage of learning from the many service businesses we have already worked with.

We’ll work with you to assess what changes need to happen and then guide you through each step you need to take to achieve the best results for your business.

Results you can expect…

  • 87% of our clients experience improved business within 3 months 87% 87%
  • 29% ave: Increase in Profits 29% 29%
  • 68 % Ave Increase in Turnover 68% 68%
Through experience and expertise, the team at Results 360 have the ability to ask challenging and leading questions of your business and has prompted us towards subtly changing a few aspects on how we operate. They have a host of tools for almost every scenario to help identify improvements and increase understanding.

This has seen the “fog clear” on many aspects resulting in tangible benefits to Bliss-Systems. Not only to efficiency but also stress levels and the bottom line!

It is great working with Results 360 and in particular Anne O’Reilly both on business matters and also as someone to just grab a quick coffee, or herbal tea chat with!

Dan Webb

Managing Director, Bliss Systems