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High Growth Programme

6 months

For established and mature businesses looking to scale up and drive performance through people

Ideal for established and mature businesses looking to: step up to the next level of growth; prepare to sell up or retire; or grow through acquisition or merger.

Scaling up for the next growth phase

Looking to step up to the next level

Prepare to sell or grow through acquisition or merger

This is the right programme for you if you:

  • are scaling up for further growth
  • have a fast-growing business and alternate between feeling frantic and excited with the opportunities
  • want to find and retain more high-value clients, move into new markets and stay ahead of the competition
  • would like to attract and retain more talented people
  • would like to develop the company’s culture and grow beyond the commercial agenda
  • are thinking of retirement or of taking a step back but the business is heavily dependent on you
  • are thinking about selling your business but are unsure how to go about it or who will buy it
  • are thinking of expanding by acquiring or merging with another business
  • need to get the team and financial performance back on track following a recent merger/acquisition
  • have been thinking about franchising, licensing or creating online products but are not sure where to start.


Booster Programme

Fast Track Programme

High Growth Programme

The High Growth Programme has helped create a clear picture and model for how I could size-up the business. The marketing sessions were very helpful and got us thinking harder about how we promote our VP.

Overall the programme was extremely enjoyable and thought provoking. We have learned that it is imperative to have a robust sales and marketing strategy and plan!

Joyce Martin

Managing Director, JCS Online Resources