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Common Challenges and How We Can Help

Every business owner faces the occasional day where they feel a little overwhelmed. You know the feeling, you’ve worked non-stop since the moment you sat down at your desk and yet come the end of the day you feel you haven’t achieved anything.

You might recognise a few of the challenges that service businesses typically face listed below:

Customer Service and Sales

Typical challenges…

  • Consistency and standardisation when what the client wants is a personal service
  • Passing clients onto other members of the team
  • Being competitive when customer service is your USP
  • Being proactive rather than reactive approach to sales
  • Winning more profitable business
  • Reducing lead-in times and getting paid quicker

Our solutions and how we could help you …

  • Improve customer loyalty
  • Build a consistent flow of new and existing clients
  • Improve teamwork and selling skills to reduce dependence on key people
  • Shorten sales cycles and improve conversion rates

Growth and Direction

Typical challenges…

  • Slow, sluggish or rapid growth
  • Different views on where the business is heading
  • Unsure if you are doing the right things
  • Making the most of untapped potential and new ideas
  • Wondering if you should move into new markets
  • Thinking about a merger or acquisition
  • Considering selling or passing on the business
  • Wondering if franchise or licence is the right for your business

Our solutions and how we can help you …

  • Give you a fresh perspective and new ideas on how to grow your business
  • Show you the full range of growth options and help you choose the right one
  • Create you Roadmap for growth with the steps you need to take to move the business forward
  • Give you confidence that you are heading in the right direction
  • Offer expertise and advice on franchise, licence, merger, acquisition or sale.


Typical challenges…


  • Making the leap from expert to manager, coach, mentor and leader
  • Dealing with the pressures of business ownership
  • Knowing how and when to delegate
  • Getting the most from the team
  • Dealing with conflict and under performance
  • Getting the team behind you

Our solutions…and how we can help you.

  • Improve your management, coaching, mentoring and leadership skills
  • Provide a business mentor to boost your confidence improve your business skills 
  • Help you understand what motivates people and how you play to their strengths
  • Educate you on the complexities of team dynamics, how to set boundaries and get everyone onside
  • Show you quick and easy ways to delegate effectively and create ownership

Time Management

Typical challenges…

  • Balancing the demands of client work with finding more clients
  • Having enough time, energy and skills to develop the team
  • Find quality time to focus on driving the business forward
  • Creating a better work/life balance
  • Preventing the business taking over your life!

Our solutions and how we can help you…

  • Time management techniques for service business
  • Essential time management plan for Service businesses
  • Learn how to get your business working for you
  • Know you limits and play to your strengths
  • Do what you are good at and out-source the rest


Typical challenges…

  • Attracting high-value clients and consistently producing the volume of leads you need
  • Over reliance on a few old marketing tactics or the tendency to dip haphazardly into social media
  • Educating a crowded marketplace on the benefits of your service
  • Articulating your value and uniqueness
  • Less of a nedd for your expertise as information is more available online

Our solutions…

  • Improve your image and value proposition
  • Get really clear on your key marketing messages
  • Build confidence in talking about your products and services
  • Sharpen your competitive edge by understanding your USP
  • Create a marketing machine that works while you are sleeping


Typical challenges…

  • Balancing productivity with profitability
  • Over-servicing clients and give away free advice
  • Improving lumpy, inconsistent or seasonal cash flow
  • Getting the personal rewards that reflect your time and effort
  • Growing recurring, returing and retirement income

Our solutions…

  • Develop more confident pricing
  • Improve your consultative selling skills
  • Strengthen financial controls and management information
  • Develop efficient systems and processes
  • Carefully manage your resources


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