Your Results Show That

You Are Cruising in the Middle Lane!


Discover How Close You Are to Having the Business and Lifestyle You Want

Thank you for taking the assessment.

Here is your personalised Business Growth Report showing where you are right now and what might be getting in the way of you having the business, income and lifestyle that you want and deserve.

The assessment results are based around the 4 key building blocks to growing a profitable business: Time, Team, Money, and Mindset.

The results fall into 3 categories: Slow, Middle, and Fast Lane.

Your Results


Your results show that you are motoring along in the Middle Lane, and have untapped potential that would improve your bottom line to support your lifestyle. You could go much further and faster by addressing just a few key areas.

You have made a really good start, put some firm foundation pieces in place, and gaining valuable business experience day by day. This is a strong base to build on.


 You are likely to be in the early stages of your business or maybe you have been going a while and hit a bit of a plateau. You know that your business has far more potential and it is frustrating that your efforts are not fully reflected in your bank balance. Cash flow is lumpy and reserves are low which has been more of a concern lately due to the pandemic.


You are good a what you do, an expert in your field, get great results for your clients but worry that customer service may slip if you take on any more. You are working flat out; clients are chasing you and you often feel overwhelmed. You rarely take time away from the business and feel restless when you do.


Working with clients is what you do best but you may not be quite so keen on other parts of the business, such as sales, marketing, building systems, finances, and people management. These tend to take a back seat and only get done when they become urgent.


You trade your time for money, are stuck in a cycle of working with clients, and hunting for clients, with little time or energy for much else. What’s more, you often spend more time with your clients than they pay you for and is eating up your time and profits.


Most of your clients have probably come from word of mouth and you wish you had a more reliable and consistent lead source.


You know you need to put better systems and processes in place and could do with an extra pair of hands to lighten your load. You would like to grow your support team but perhaps you don’t have the time or skills to find and train people you can trust, or maybe you are nervous that you will make a mistake.


The rollercoaster ride of being your own boss can take its toll at times, your confidence and self-belief ebbs and flows when the pressure is on, or perhaps you hold back and over-think things in fear of making a mistake. Recent events have tested your ability to make quick decisions, pivot, and change quickly. It has also highlighted the importance of building resilience and being able to to bounce back no matter what comes your way.

The Way Ahead …

You know you have the skills, knowledge, and expertise to run a much bigger business and make more money. It is frustrating that it’s taking so long to get there, or maybe you’re just not sure where to start.

You’ve seen others do it, so why not you?

They are attracting much better clients, helping more people, have plenty of time for themselves, a dream team that makes things run like clockwork, and money in the bank … this is what a profitable business looks like!

Next Steps

The first step to building a more profitable business and a better lifestyle is to have a clear Roadmap showing you the fastest route, avoiding traffic jams and roadblocks.

So, let’s jump on a strategy call and create your Roadmap together and get you moving into the fast lane.

I normally charge for but for this but as you have taken this assessment I happy to offer you a
FREE 45-Minute Strategy Session to work out your Roadmap together.

Imagine if, in just a couple of months you had more money in the bank, you were working with much better clients that paid you what you’re worth, you were feeling less stressed, were able to taking more time away from the busness, you had a support team to lighten your load, great systems and processes in place and are generally feeling more confident, self-assured and robust as a business owner. 

The Fast Track Programme helped me get clear about where I was spending my time and encouraged me to do more of what I’m good at, Sales!

The profitable Client Process was a revelation, as a result, we now have a clearly defined niche and attracting more high-value clients.

We have seen a 37% uplift in profits in the last 12 months.

Anne and her team at Results360 are all business professionals with a personal touch. They encouraged me to get clear about my business goals and kept me focussed and on track.

Clive Taylor
MD, Witney Letterbox, Marketing Agency

The Fast Track Programme helped me make the mental shift from employee to business owner.

We have learned that it is imperative to have a robust sales and marketing strategy and plan if you want to grow.

We also have a much better understanding of where to spend our time and money along with how to manage and motivate the team.

Overall, the programme was excellent value for money.

Joyce Martin
MD JCS Online Resources

The Fast Track Programme has helped us change quite a few aspects of how we operate at Bliss-Systems.

We have seen tangible benefits, not only has our productivity and profits improved, our stress levels have reduced, and we now take more time away from the business.

The People Management System has really helped us get a handle on the team side of things and improved our staff retention rate.

It is great working with Anne and the Team at Results360.

Dan Webb
MD, Bliss IT Systems

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