Congratulations…You’re Motoring in the Fast Lane!


Discover How Close You Are to Having the Business and Lifestyle You Want

Thank you for taking the assessment.

Here is your personalised Business Growth Report giving you an overview of where you are right now along with some further ideas on what you can do to improve your bank balance and move even closer towards the lifestyle you want.

The assessment results fall into 3 categories: Slow, Middle, and Fast Lane.

Your Results

Congratulations: Your results show that you are speeding in the Fast Lane!

Below are your insights based on the 4 key building blocks to growing a successful and profitable business with ease and speed: Time, Team, Money, and Mindset.


You have probably been in business a while, have gained a lot of experience along the way, and are thriving in all 4 business areas.

You have worked hard to get the business to where it is today and want to hold onto your position in the marketplace. You may even be looking to drive the business further forward and exploring different options for growth or perhaps thinking about an exit at some point.

You and the team are great a what you do, experts in your field, get great results for your clients, and have built a strong reputation in the marketplace.

You manage your time well, balancing it between working on the business and in your business.

You take regular breaks away from the business to recharge your batteries and are also able to spend time on things you enjoy.


You have invested time, money, and effort into creating systems and processes to improve efficiency, productivity and customer service.

You have sufficient resources to help and support your current workload and a flexible workforce to help out when it gets busy.

You know the importance of finding, training, and retaining great people and have not shied away from investing time and money in recruiting people who align with your companies values and ethos.

You make time for the team, enjoy working with them, and take your responsibilities as a business owner and leader seriously.
You are in a strong financial position and have built up some reserves to see you through a crisis but could always do with more.
You know the difference between an investment and a cost and are not afraid to invest in people and resources to help your business grow faster.
You run a tight ship and keep an eye on costs to improved margins and profits.
You are confident in your pricing, products, and service and are always looking for ways to add more value.
You have invested in your business education, made some mistakes, and learned a lot along the way.
You see setbacks as opportunities, can pivot quickly, and have learned how to get back on track when the unexpected happens.
You are confident in your abilities as a business owner and are not afraid to make tough decisions.

The Way Ahead …

Overall your assessment results indicate that your business is in very good shape, it has a firm foundation and the potential to go even further and faster.

If you are thinking about what’s next, perhaps even considering franchising, expansion, or selling your business. Then feel free to book a complimentary 45 Minute Strategy Session and let me help you work through the options and create a personalised Roadmap together.

I normally charge for but for this but as you have taken this assessment I happy to offer you this for Free.

People I’ve worked with to map out their Roadmap have gone on to create successful franchises, expanded their operations, and some have even sold their business far easier and more profitably than going it alone.

Imagine if you had a clearly defined plan for the next phase of your business that would give you confidence you were heading in the right direction and would support your future income and lifestyle.


The Fast Track Programme helped me get clear about where I was spending my time and encouraged me to do more of what I’m good at, Sales!

The profitable Client Process was a revelation, as a result, we now have a clearly defined niche and attracting more high-value clients.

We have seen a 37% uplift in profits in the last 12 months.

Anne and her team at Results360 are all business professionals with a personal touch. They encouraged me to get clear about my business goals and kept me focussed and on track.

Clive Taylor
MD, Witney Letterbox, Marketing Agency

The Fast Track Programme helped me make the mental shift from employee to business owner.

We have learned that it is imperative to have a robust sales and marketing strategy and plan if you want to grow.

We also have a much better understanding of where to spend our time and money along with how to manage and motivate the team.

Overall, the programme was excellent value for money.

Joyce Martin
MD JCS Online Resources

The Fast Track Programme has helped us change quite a few aspects of how we operate at Bliss-Systems.

We have seen tangible benefits, not only has our productivity and profits improved, our stress levels have reduced, and we now take more time away from the business.

The People Management System has really helped us get a handle on the team side of things and improved our staff retention rate.

It is great working with Anne and the Team at Results360.

Dan Webb
MD, Bliss IT Systems

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